Kick-Start your Dream Career with Ontario Second Career Funding


We are happy to announce that Pragra now is offering multiple programs with the partnership of North American Business College, Mississauga. Our program is eligible for Ontario Government Funding (Second Career) to help those people who couldn’t continue due to financial constraints.


You may be eligible to get full program fee funding under second career initiative. Check for details: 


Here is the list of programs we are offering with NAB College: 


  • Automation Developer Career Path
  • Cloud Career Path (AWS + DevOps)
  • Certified Business Analyst Career Path
  • Cloud Big Data Career Path
  • Java Full-Stack Developer Career Path
  • Project Management Career Path
  • Digital Marketing Certification Program
  • Machine Learning & AI Career Path



Who is eligible for Second Career Funding?
If you were laid off after 2004, you may qualify for skills training in-demand occupations in Ontario – even if you’ve received Employment Insurance (EI). Eligible training helps Second Career participants move up to better jobs than they could get without the training. This is a very specific government program, so some of these conditions need to be defined. Second Career provides up to $28,000 for:


  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Transportation
  • A basic living allowance
  • Other instruction costs such as manuals or workbooks


Extensive training will cover roughly 450 hrs of practice and theory and co-op with Pragra / Clients, which will ensure that you are hired asap you are done with the program. Please find attached curriculum for more details.


Do visit us for free consultations and more detailed view of this funding program. Book an appointment right away, Don’t waste your time by doing courses, which will just give you educational knowledge.


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