Serverless Node Developer

In this program Pragra offers, Using the Serverless Framework with Node.js on AWS, how to use the Serverless Framework to develop the scalable and high-quality cloud applications. You will start with basic application model of AWS serverless applications. Then, you’ll get the hands-on experience of how to develop and deploy fullstack serverless applications on AWS using the framework. You’ll deep dive into how serverless applications can be used to create resilient fault-tolerant architectures. This program has pre-requisite of some AWS cloud knowledge.

Training Schedule

Every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 12: 00 PM in class room training
Every Wednesday – Online Session from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Training Duration

8 – Weeks intensive training program

Module 1: Introduction to AWS

  • What is AWS
  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to Server less Architecture
  • Components to Server less Development

Module 2: Introduction to Serverless

  • What is Serverless computing
  • Benefits of Serverless Computing
  • Micro-Service Architecture
  • AWS Event models introduction
  • Introduction to AWS SDK for calling AWS Services

Module 3: Introduction to NodeJs

  • Introduction to NodeJS development
  • The Node.js framework
  • Cloud 9 Development
  • Using Node.js to execute scripts
  • The Node Package Manager
  • AWS Cloud 9 configuration
  • Global vs. local package installation
  • Asynchronous basics
  • Working with Promises
  • Using Request module to make API calls

Module 4: Start with Lambda & APIs

  • Creating event in an AWS service created used to trigger a function to execute and run
  • Deploy a Node.js function to AWS Lambda using
  • Attaching API endpoint to an AWS Lambda function
  • Execute HTTP Service using NodeJS Lambda function
  • Create a DynamoDB table to AWS using the NodeJS Lambda function
  • Scan a DynamoDB table to AWS using the NodeJS Lambda function
  • Query a DynamoDB table to AWS using the NodeJS Lambda function
  • Use unirest NPM package to execute API service
  • Calling Lambda function from another lambda function

Module 5: Play with AWS Services

  • Asynchronous file reads and writes
  • Date time manipulations
  • Event Trigger on Kinesis Stream
  • Event Trigger on Cloud Watch Logs
  • Event Trigger on DynamoDB table to insert audit entry into another table
  • Event Trigger on S3 bucket to read and process the file

Module 6: Utilities & Monitoring

  • Advance Features Overview
  • AWS X-Ray & Implementation
  • Monitoring Tools
  • RDS & DB Services
  • Health check and Alerts

Module 7: Hands-On project

  • Create Trigger on S3 bucket on file upload execute Lambda function trigger to insert or update data in DynamoDB
  • Create Function to Query records based on Key Condition Expression and Filter Expression
  • Use unirest NPM package to execute a service with request and response JSON
  • Use unirest NPM package to execute a service with request and response JSON
  • Create Lambda function to read Cloud Watch Logs for errors and success

Module 8: End to End Serverless Implementation

  • Create Lambda function to trigger for JSON sent to Kinesis Stream
  • Use jsonpath and json-query to search JSON for attributes and records
  • Create Lambda function to send JSON result to Kinesis Stream for executing Trigger
  • Create Lambda function to Read, Write and invalidate Redis cache using AWS Redis Service
  • NOTE: FULL PROJECT WILL BE EXPLAINED DURING THE SESSION (It’s part of our non-disclosure agreement).