AWS Cloud Program

Pragra designed the program to get you certified with AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) – Associate Exam and AWS Certified Developer – Associate. Not necessarily you need to have a cloud background or development background but just after the program we will make you to clear the exam. Online you may be able to just see and learn about the fundamentals. But practical implementation knowledge will come by hands on experience and on job training only, which we will provide you along with this program.

Training Schedule

Every Saturday from 10:00 PM to 12: 00 PM in class room training
Every Wednesday – Online Session from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Training Duration

8 – Weeks intensive training program

Module 1: Introduction and Fundamentals of DevOps and Cloud Solutions

  • What is Cloud and it’s History
  • Why only Amazon Web Services
  • DevOps theory and fundamental
  • AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Module 2: Brief overview of AWS and Start with Free Tier account

  • AWS Overview of  Fundamental
  • Free Tier Account Creation
  • Introduction to  things included in AWS

Module 3: AWS Terminologies and Difference between legacy systems

  • AWS Terminologies and Culture
  • Comparison of legacy and cloud system
  • Familiarity with the AWS platform

Module 4: AWS Cloud Storage Overview and its components

  • Simple Storage Services
  • Versioning and Availability Zones
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Encryption and Security
  • Storage Gateway, Snowball, Cloud Front

Module 5: AWS Access management and IAM brief overview

  • Identity Access management
  • Usage and Operations
  • Billing System and Alerts
  • users and Groups IAMs

Module 6: AWS Elastic Compute Cloud and Different Types

  • What is EC2 and why EC2
  • Create an instance and monitoring
  • Putty, Puttygen and SSH Connection
  • Volume types and Storage
  • Health check and Alerts
  • Cloud Front vs Cloud trail
  • Land Balancing and Availability
  • EC2 Placement Groups

Module 7: Advanced AWS EC2 with lambda and new features

  • What is Lambda and it’s concept
  • What is Alexa and Its skills
  • Details Hands on session on both

Module 8: AWS Routing and Its Policies hands-on

  • DNS and Route53
  • Routing Policies and Comparison
  • Domain name and their understanding
  • EC2 relation with DNS and its routing

Module 9: AWS Data Storage and Modern Tools

  • AWS Storage and its types
  • RDS and Dynamo DB
  • Redshift vs DWH
  • Elasticache
  • Aurora DB

Module 10: AWS Developer Tools and Encryption theories with pipelines

  • Continuous Integration with cloud
  • Continuous Deployment with cloud
  • Code Pipelines and Jenkins
  • Advanced code deployment sessions

Module 11: AWS Virtual Private Cloud Solution and Implementation

  • What is VPC and its usage
  • Network understanding and access controls
  • Custom VPCs vs Load balancer
  • NAT Vs Bastions
  • VPC and Its end points and clean up
  • Create  your VPC and real time examples

Module 12: AWS Services and Utilities

  • SQS vs SWF vs SNS
  • Elastic Trans coder
  • Kinesis and API Gateways

Module 13: AWS Architecture and Its demo in client network

  • Creation of AWS architecture
  • Usage in real network and advantages
  • Cloud Formation and Its demo
  • Load balancing,  firewalls, VPCs, Scaling
  • Security Tokens and Integration
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Minikube

Module 14: AWS Exam Finelines and Pattern Discussion

  • Exam Pattern and Scenario bases questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions and Answers
  • group discussions and practice

Module 15: AWS Practice Questions and Mock up exams

  • 4 Practice Question Paper
  • Previous changes in pattern
  • 1 Hour continuous exam practice